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Server Shop and Jobs Updates

We have hopefully made it a bit easier to generate some income on Dragon Survival. The server shop has reopened! You can now sell items there, but the pricing will be low. If you wish to get a better deal on your items we strongly recommend you sell items at a market or using /auction. We are now also allowing people to maintain two jobs!

Introducing Elite Mobs

I am pleased to announce that we have added Elite Mobs! This plugin creates more difficult mobs that scale to your own skill level to ensure you have a fun challenge regardless of how long you have played the server. To help with items despawning on death, we have also added Savage Death Chest. A chest with your inventory will be available for 60 seconds following your death, use /back and grab it quick!
Enjoy the new plugins!

Congratulations to ShinnerMiner!

Congratulations to ShinnerMiner on winning the March voting competition with an incredible 125 votes! ShinnerMiner will receive a free month of Donator rank. With the new month, the voting scoreboard has been reset, and the position of top voter is up for grabs once again. First place for the month of April will still receive a free month of Donator privileges, however, the prizes have been expanded so all those on the scoreboard will receive a prize! See the infographic below! Happy voting!

Voting Competition And Rank Rebalances

The top voter for the month of March will receive one free month of our Donator rank! A scoreboard has been added at spawn so you can keep tabs of the top voters.

Ranks have been rebalanced so that the later ranks are more difficult to obtain. You will not lose your current rank!

New Way to Become a Resident

Now new players will be able to become a resident by playing for five hours or by joining a town. This is beneficial to both our long standing members and to new players. New players will be able to quickly become a part of our community and town owners will be able to grow their towns more quickly!

In addition, we have also reset the mining world, the nether, and the end so that players may once again conquer new maps.

Kits Revamped and More Market Shops!

We have completely redone our kits, from the starter kit all the way up to Donator! You can get kits daily (except for donator) by running /kit [kit_name]!

You asked for more large shops and we have added them! Use /market2 to visit the market expansion and checkout the newly built additions!

Dragon Survival Is Open!

We are excited to announce that Dragon Survival is open to the public!

You may join by connecting to!

We hope to see you there!

Become a Beta Tester!

Starting at 8PM CST on January 26th, 2019, we will be opening a part of our newest project to our Discord members ONLY! You may RSVP at any time within the coming weeks. To RSVP, drop your username in the DMC Discord to be allowed into the server. Please beware that there will be frequent bugs and downtime, but we are so excited to share this with you guys, especially coming up on 2 years without Dragon Survival. So say hello to Dragon Minecraft (DMC,) because we’re not going anywhere! If you are interested in joining, but are not connected to our Discord, please use the Contact Us page of our website for assistance. Thanks, and Happy Testing!

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