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Hi! We are happy to know you would like to apply for a staff position for Dragon Servers!

We would like to outline our rules, requirements, and other info for applying for our servers below.

  • You must be 15 years or older
  • You must be honest in answering the questions. Lying never helped anything.
  • You must be registered on the website
  • You must be part of the discord
  • Low playtime will never discount your application, but the more time played on the server, the better

Please do not give out any personal information (e.g. full name, address, etc.) unless specified or you deem necessary! If we really need anything, we would ask!

We will not discriminate against anyone, be that race, creed, or even if you have never moderated on a Minecraft server before!

We will do our best to check your application and get back to you ASAP. Leaving your discord name, email, or a way to contact you will of course help us! Applications are only read by Admins, of which you can find on our Staff page. We will never share any information about you outside of our leadership!

Do you accept the terms?

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