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Dragon Survival

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Dragon Survival is our basic Minecraft survival experience, built with our ideals in mind. Experience Minecraft with a heavy economy presence!

Features include;

~ Custom economy, built ground up to be challenging yet fun

~ Towny Advanced, so you and your friends can build cities together!

~ An auctioning system to trade with others easily

~ McMMO, a fun way to level up your own character

~ An easy door and chest claiming system using LWC

Beta Testing Complete!
Progress 100%
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Dragon RPG

Not out yet!


Dragon RPG strives to be our premiere server with a heavy RPG element. With custom classes, cities, skill trees, dungeons, and more, there will always be something to explore in this world.

Features include;

~ Towny and an economy like our Dragon Survival Server

~ Custom races and classes, full of skill trees allowing many ways to play the game

~ Custom quests allowing new ways to make money and explore the world

~ Custom crafted dungeons that you can explore alone or with friends

~ And much more to come!

Planning phase
Progress 10%




Dragon Creative

Not out yet!


Dragon Creative is a creative server with large plot areas and helpful building plugins.

Planning phase
Progress 40%



Dragon Arena

Not out yet!


Dragon Arena is our mini-games server featuring all the mini-games you know and love, and custom ones custom built for our server!


We do offer a basic KitPVP on our Dragon Survival Server!


Planning phase
Progress 10%